William A. Reilly, Jr. - Executive Board Member

William “Bill” Reilly began in 1973 at Lyric Opera before taking an apprentice position at Grand Stage Lighting then Drury Lane South. Bill worked fulltime at NBC-TV before becoming Blackstone Theatre’s Flyman and in 1982 he was hired to Lyric Opera’s stage crew.

In 1987, Bill became Lyric Opera’s Flyman and in 1992, Local 2 Members overwhelmingly elected Bill to the Executive Board. Bill was Flyman for James Kiddle Sr. and William “Bill” Beaton, two of the more notable stage carpenters in Local 2’s history.

In 1999, Lyric elevated Bill to Head Carpenter, where he efficiently led crews of 80 or more stagehands in the installation, operation and loadouts of the largest and heaviest shows, to that date, in Lyric Opera history. The backstage mechanicals he supervised included Lyric’s first ever automated chain hoist system which is used in tandem with their 144’ grid and 100 pipe line set, manual counterweight system.

In 2015, after 41 years, many of them consisting of 3,000 or more worked hours, Bill now spreads out his roughly 15 weeks of work during Local 2’s busy times. In these instance Bill continues to provide a great example while mentoring upcoming stagehands throughout Local 2’s jurisdiction.

Business Manager Carlson stated, “Bill Reilly’s influence provides our Executive Board exceptional perspective, his experience not only helps remind everyone of where we came from, but it helps illuminate a path to future success. His experience is an invaluable asset to Local 2.”

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