Employers: Why you should use Local 2 stagehands for your event

As a business owner or representative you know that cost is not the driving factor in most business decisions. A sound business decision minimizes risk to an organization, provides the best value for the resources, and ends with the highest quality product for the consumer. A business won’t survive with a careless risk management strategy.

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Today’s technology allows producers to put on spectacular events with impressive effects and staging. However, these sophisticated technologies require a highly-trained dependable workforce with the specialized skills to set up and operate the equipment in a safe manner as well as troubleshoot problems, all within a strict timeframe.

Event staging carries significant risks to the producer; either in the form of harm to staff or audience, damaged rental equipment, or a poor-quality event that does not meet its intended goals. Local 2 stagehands have the training, skills, and experience that leverage the latest technology to give you the safest, highest-quality event possible.

Safety is paramount. The technical aspect of theatrical and event production can be very dangerous as heavy lighting and sound systems are hung above audience and performers. High voltage, temporary stage structures and automated scenic elements also pose threats for less experienced crew. In order to provide the safest environment possible, Local 2 stagehands go through rigorous training, continuing education, and ETCP certification. When you employ Local 2 stagehands, you can be confident that your event will be installed by workers with the required training, skills, and certifications to ensure the safest possible environment for staff, performers, and audience at your event. Furthermore, we handle rental equipment often costing over $1,000,000 dollars with the utmost care in order to prevent damage.

Local 2 stagehands provide the best value because our training and skills make us the most efficient and productive workforce for your event. We do more events with fewer people as we are career professionals dedicated to our craft and providing the best service to our clients.

Perhaps there is a non-union contractor with lower up-front costs, but, a poorly-trained, undependable workforce will compromise safety, risk damage to rental equipment and do less while working more hours. The result will be a low-quality event which may cost more. Furthermore, use of a low-cost, low-skill contractor places your entire event at risk should complications during set up cause a late start to your performance, or worst case, a cancelation.

Simply put, we are the most skilled, reliable, and productive workforce to staff your event. When you add up the fact that Chicago Stagehands are the best trained and most productive workers in today’s entertainment industry, it’s no mistake that hundreds of theatrical, stage, and production companies depend on Local 2 stagehands to get their productions up on time, on budget, and with unsurpassed quality and professionalism.

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